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Monday Morning Musings

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I went to the yarn store on Saturday to exchange the blue yarn shown in last week’s Monday Morning Musings, as my own personal blue muse went out to lunch and never returned.

I took along the pink goddess shawl that I had completed earlier in the week to show the ladies at the shop.  While there, a customer decided that she absolutely had to have the shawl right then and there.  I wanted to at least weave in the loose ends, but she was insistent upon doing that herself.  She wrote me a check, and I came home without the shawl.  So, I have no photo of the finished product, only the photo of the partially completed shawl posted earlier this past week.

My newest project is another goddess shawl in teal, magenta and peridot with just a hint of black.  It is working up quite well, and as soon as the digital batteries arrive, I’ll fire up the camera and take a photo.

Beginning this Thursday, I am going to initiate a new feature that highlights artists and artisans who generously share their creativity to help improve the quality of life for those around them.  The first Art from the will introduce Maris Corush, an artist from Marin County, California, who dealt with the stress of her sister’s cancer by designing a doll that celebrates survivors.  Please check back later this week. 


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  1. Now that is a great sale!

    Comment by kellysclaycreations — 03/26/2009 @ 7:24 pm

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