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Do You Have a Personal Mission Statement?

One morning back in 1987, I awoke from a sound sleep around 1 a.m. and bolted upright with an uninvited epiphany.  At that moment, I knew that my personal life mission was to improve the quality of life for myself and those around me.  To say the least, I was mystified, dumbfounded and confused.  I pondered my experience and then found myself dealing with a great deal of sadness because I had to give up the illusion or fantasy that I was going to be rich and famous.  Yes, that fantasy!  As I became comfortable with my new reality, I began to embrace it.  I began giving those “quality of life” gestures value, not discounting them as “no big deal.” 

I have always loved to buy little “love you” presents for my family and friends and wrap them in beautiful paper and ribbons.  And I have always loved to find the perfect greeting card for that special occasion and send it. Through a former job, I had to learn Publisher which then opened the door for me to make personal greeting cards and the occasional flyer for a friend.

As my interests grew, so did my opportunities to continue fulfilling my personal mission.  I say continue because I think a mission is more a way of life than an achieved goal. Several years ago, I got interested in genealogy and began working on our family tree.  That required developing some new computer and research skills.  Soon, I found myself helping friends begin to put together their family trees.  This opportunity was amazingly special for me because it was assisting them in connecting to their past to then be able to pass on this information to future generations.  It was something from the heart, not another present from the mall fairy!

For years, I knit scarves, shawls, wraps, even baby blankets and dish cloths for friends.  As an aside, that is how I ended up opening my shop on etsy.  My sister convinced me that I should be selling my hand knit originals.  When I was setting up Foxy G. Knits, my tag line popped out one day: hand knit with love – from my heart to yours. 

So, 20+ years after that uninvited epiphany visited me, my personal and professional missions have remained the same: to improve the quality of life for myself and those around me with love from my heart to yours.

Do you have a personal mission statement?  A professional mission statement?  Please comment below, and you might be featured in an upcoming Monday Morning Musings.



  1. I just HAD to write. It was like you were reading my mind. I LOVE needlework. It is my passion. I love the ability to put thread to fabric and create something amazing with my hands. I love the feel of the fabric on my fingers and the sound the thread makes being pulled back and forth thru the fabric. I love being with others who feel the same way. Gathering with others who enjoy handwork and see the progression of their work thru each project and thru their lives.

    I noticed a few years ago it was becoming impossible to find needlework online, a lot of info was out of date and disorganized. I created a website ( that helps connect stitchers and needlework professionals like never before. Our mission is to build the needlework community one LOOSE THREAD at a time.

    Stitchers can find classes, shop locations, designers, teachers, sales, retreats, get togethers for cross stitch, needlepoint, knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery and quilting.

    Stitcher Memberships are Free and it is my way of helping new and existing stitchers find what I have found, places and people to connect with that love needlework as much as they do.

    Congrats on your mission and am so glad you found a way to fulfill your life mission – it is so rewarding to do what you love.

    In Stitches,

    Comment by Colleen Leader — 04/16/2009 @ 12:41 am

  2. Colleen: Thank you for your kind note. I see that I am following you on twitter and look forward to being able to share information. You are right; there is something special about the people who express themselves through handiwork or artwork for that matter. Even more special are the artists and artisans who share their special gift with others for the good of humanity. It is they that I salute every week in Art from the Heart. I hope that you will check them out and share their generosity with your network. Warm regards, Lois (foxygknits)

    Comment by foxygknits — 05/05/2009 @ 1:46 pm

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