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Company Name:  Fiber Felter

Contact: Libby White






CorgiAid is dear to my heart, as I have a 3 ½-year-old Corgi named Larkin who owns me, and I will probably get several more through rescue.  I hate to see him grow up, but he is so silly and still acts like a pup!  CorgiAid is a nonprofit organization that raises money to meet extraordinary expenses for rescue Corgis – Cardigans, Pembrokes, and mixes – with special medical, transport, training or fostering needs.

I regularly donate pieces of my original art to various organizations that support Corgi rescue. For example, Crafts for Corgis auctions off crafts, art and other items and turns over all the proceeds to CorgiAid. This semi-annual auction gives people an opportunity to purchase art prints, books (sometimes rare), needlecraft and countless other items generously donated by artisans and others in the Corgi community.

Framed Cloth Assemblage
Framed Cloth Assemblage

Fabric art is my primary medium at this time.  I love to take existing fabrics, such as scraps of silk, brocade or other fabrics and weave, embroider or sew them together until they become a totally new fabric.  I also enjoy going to animal fiber shows and buying processed wool directly from the farmers. What I actually buy from the farmers is called “roving,” which is wool that has been cleaned and has all the fibers combed in one direction. I then take this roving, which is usually white, and dye it various colors, depending on the project on which I am working.  I sometimes do rainbow dyeing to get many colors into one length of roving. Next I create items such as scarves, hats, purses, pouches, wall hangings and felted jewelry.  When my fiber muse occasionally dries up, I take found objects and make them into jewelry which usually has some fiber worked into the piece.  I also enjoy designing art dolls, most particularly their incredible costumes.  Many of these items are available in my etsy shop:

Heart Art Quilt
Heart Art Quilt

I demonstrate felt and jewelry making at various art shows and craft fairs in the southeast. One of my favorite events, the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (, occurs the last weekend in October in Fletcher, NC.  This is where many wool and fiber vendors gather to show their animals and to sell their products.  I teach people about different types of sheep, along with their various wool textures and how to best use each.  And I always find a vendor that needs a demonstrator to show people how easy it is to felt.  This is a venue where youngsters become fascinated with the idea of felting, and I particularly enjoy working with them!  I also belong to several area art groups: Tangled Threads Doll Club, The Heritage Society and Southeastern Felters Guild.

Ballerina, a Fiber Art Doll

Ballerina, a Fiber Art Doll


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