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As part of her job as a safety professional in Chandler, AZ, Carli oganizes the blood drives at her workplace and feels that it is very important for those who are able to donate blood – to do so.  Carli explains, “I originally thought it would be nice to knit a dishcloth for the American Red Cross Recruiter who helps with all of our drives.  When I could not find one, I decided to design it.”  Carli is graciously making her blood drop dishcloth pattern available free of charge on her CarlisCreations blog:

Blood Drop Dishcloth

Blood Drop Dishcloth


It seems that my high-color muses are on spring break, which has allowed my more reserved, shy black and brown muse to rear its little head.  Here is the latest colorway for my next Goddess Shawl Wrap:

Brown Black Palette for Goddess Shawl Wrap
Brown Black Palette for Goddess Shawl Wrap

My favorite part of the design/knitting process is combining colors and textures.  When they work together, it is like a beautiful melody.  (If I could carry a tune, I’d sing.  I can’t, so I knit instead!)

What part of your creative process do you enjoy the most?  (No fair answering “when it’s finished!”)  Post a comment, and you might be featured in a future article.


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  1. Ahh, he’s so cute!

    Comment by Rebecca — 05/04/2009 @ 12:21 pm

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