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Etsy Sellers are Paying it Forward

While doing research on Arthur Simo, who will be featured in Thursday’s Art from the Heart, I came across a PIF listing in his etsy shop.  PIF stands for Pay it Forward.  All PIF sellers ask is that you do something nice for someone else or, if you are an etsy seller, list a PIF item for others to enjoy.  This was my first foray into Pay it Forward. (Wow!  Wasn’t that a marvelous example of alliteration!)  Currently, there are more than 1,400 Pay it Forward or PIF items listed on etsy. There are scads of earrings, hair accessories, paper products, pendants, brooches, soap and magnets.

I was looking at PIF items for mere minutes when I found the Etsy Seller’s Guide to Facebook in  businessminded‘s shop.  It was mine!  And it was only hours later that I received it via e-mail from Jordan.  This inspired me to list my first PIF item, and it sold before I was even away from the computer!  I bought some wildflower seeds from HomegrownHealthy the very next day.  Mandi acknowledged my order and put the seeds into the mail, again in hours!

 More Fun PIF Items

FerryTales2000 has more than 70 PIF items, and they even have their own category.  Some of the earring titles are I Partied in Boston, Crowned Princess, My, What Big Flowers You Have and BEE Happy. FerryTales2000 has a wicked sense of humor:  We all might end up with blue hair and orthopedic shoes 1 day and hopefully someone will make US smile!  For more really neat items, just do a search for “PIF” … there are a LOT of DO-GOODERS out there! The Karmic rewards are beautiful and make you get the warm fuzzies!!!

ecogeneration got my attention with her Mother’s Day Dollar Sale.  She is offering $1 items, while supplies last,  not only for Mother’s Day, but also for those who have suffered because of the economy.

getfunked is offering an Etsy Shop Banner and Matching Avatar Set – customized with text of your choice.  In the description: What is PIF? – an acronym for ‘Pay It Forward’ – for me this means that I would like to offer you these banners that I have created for a very low price to practically give away to others who need them as a way to repay some of the good deeds others have done for me by helping me in the past. I also hope that you will list a PIF in your store after purchasing one of these banners and pass the good deed forward.

Now, it’s Your Turn!

I highly recommend checking out the PIF items for sale on etsy.  You can find them by clicking on “Buy” on the etsy home page and then using the drop-down menu and selecting Handmade.  Type “Pay it Forward” or “PIF” in the adjacent box, and who knows what you might be able to pick up for yourself or for someone special.  The young lady who purchased the scarf that I listed as my very first PIF item is giving it to her grandmother who wears a lot of scarves. I hope she enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed knitting it.  What is your favorite purchased or sold PIF item?


  1. Okay, NOW I get it. Thanks for sharing this concept. I love the idea!

    Comment by Alicia — 04/28/2009 @ 8:52 am

  2. Hi
    Thanks a lot with this blog. Arthur is next to me and he is so happy to read about him. Thanks for making Arthur happy. I wish you the best. Adriana (Arthur’s mom)

    Comment by Arthur Simo — 04/29/2009 @ 8:48 pm

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