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Monday Morning Musings

Early Prince Castle Ad

Early Prince Castle Ad

One of my fondest summer memories growing up as a child was my dad taking the four of us kids out for sherbet cones at Prince Castle after a family dinner.  On the ride over, my mouth would water just thinking about the icy cold fruit flavors that would soon be mine.  Today there is sorbet, Italian ice and gelato.  But nothing can even come close to replacing that special three-sherbet Jumbo Cone from years ago.

Take a walk with me now down memory, as we enjoy the wonderful world of sherbet on etsy:

One of my most favorite items is Sherbert the Llama Hand Puppet.  According to Sherbert’s creator, Kaida: Sherbert likes ice cream, painting, and making people laugh.   He dislikes gloves and is afraid of the dark… give Sherbert’s mouth a squeeze and he’ll squeak.


Sherbert the Llama Hand Puppet

My other most favorite item is sundazed’s Sherbet Rainbow Monkey who just happens to be holding an ice cream cone:

Sherbet the Monkey

Sherbet Rainbow Monkey

How cute is this fuzzy orange-raspberry sherbet cupcake hat with red cherry by Artology?

Orange Raspberry Cupcake Hat

Fuzzy Orange-Raspberry Sherbet Cupcake Hat

And how about this orange and raspberry sherbet craft show vendor apron with zipper pouch. downthestreet’s listing reads in part: This is a great, functional apron that can meet all your needs for selling at a craft show, flea market, garage sale, or any other venue… I can easily machine embroider your shop name just above the large pocket to personalize.

Orange and Raspberry Sherbet Vendor Apron
Orange and Raspberry Sherbet Craft Show Vendor Apron

Didn’t oneifbyhand take great photos of this delicious treat?  My mouth began to water when I saw this raspberry sherbet with copper necklace.  


Raspberry Sherbet with Copper Necklace

Speaking of looking good enough to eat, how about this orange sherbet whipped bath mousse?  You almost need a spoon rather than a bath poof for this creamy whipped bath confection by naiad!

Orange Sherbet Bath Mousse

Orange Sherbet Bath Mousse

Should you like “bursts of lemons, limes and oranges,” here is a citrus sherbet kiddie scoop.  CraftsMeow describes kiddie scoops as follows: 100-yard skeins, perfect for baby items or contrasting heels/toes on adult socks.

Citrus Sherbet Kiddie Scoop

Citrus Sherbet Kiddie Scoop

From InkspotWorkshop, strawberry, orange and kiwi sherbet dot thank you notes:


Strawberry, Orange and Kiwi Sherbet Dot Thank You Notes

And finally, GracieDesigns makes it possible for you to cuddle your ice cream [in lime or raspberry sherbet].  Wait – let her explain: You love ice cream, but not the frosty fingers. Well, I happen to agree. I was eating my favorite flavor the other day (cherry and chocolate flavor named after the late and great Jerry Garcia *hint hint*), and I always wrap a piece of paper towel around it so my fingers don’t get cold. Then I thought of the ice cream cuddler; I already make ’em for coffee.  [way to go, Gracie]


Ice Cream Cuddler



  1. What a fun subject! Thanks so much for the kind words and the Ice Cream Cuddler feature. I must say, I have used Naiad’s soaps, and they are amazing!!! Great Blog!

    Comment by Kelley — 06/15/2009 @ 12:33 am

  2. Thanks, Kelley. I had fun putting it together!

    Comment by foxygknits — 06/15/2009 @ 1:37 am

  3. I have to put a towel around my ice cream too. I just hate having cold hands!

    Thanks for the great article, I have a lot of great memories of going out for ice cream and cold treats with my family when I was wee 😀

    Comment by Sharon — 06/15/2009 @ 4:50 am

  4. This makes me want some pineapple sherbet. The ice cream cuddler is a great idea. Just yesterday I had some ice cream out of the pint and I used a hand towel!

    Comment by Alicia — 06/15/2009 @ 9:55 am

  5. I found some new favorites of my own! Love those thank you notes! Thanks for the feature on my apron.

    Comment by Elle — 06/15/2009 @ 10:26 am

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my Sherbet Dots Notecards in this cute collection:)

    Comment by InkSpot Workshop — 06/15/2009 @ 1:19 pm

  7. Elle and Inkspot, you are so welcome. Your items are delicious and blog inspiring!

    Comment by foxygknits — 06/15/2009 @ 2:34 pm

  8. This is so fun. I love sherbet and the colors the artists have chosen are so vibrant. One of my favorite flavors is actually pineapple. This article brings me back to days spent with mom at the park. We would go to the stand and order pineapple but when they had ran out we would get the combo push up type, “you know the one with orange and strawberry” it was good fun and can we say yummmmmy? Thank you friend for taking us all down memory lane! I love your blogs and not just because you did a story on us. Your writing skills are fantastic! Thanks again, take care.

    Comment by Levi & DeAnna — 06/15/2009 @ 9:11 pm

  9. what a cute carnival post! I love gracie’s ice cream cuddler! Will it fit haagendazs?

    Comment by storybeader — 06/19/2009 @ 1:54 pm

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