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To learn a little about miesmama as the Featured Etsy Blogger of the month, I went to her blog bio.  It was there that I learned that her favorite movies include Amelie, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and Kurosawa’s Dream.  Not being familiar with any of them, I headed straight to Netflix to do a little research.  And lo and behold, the movies had something in common – they were quirky and imaginative, imaginative and mind-bending, mind-bending and cerebral, feel good and romantic!  So, I headed to miesmama’s etsy shop where I learned that she loves to be creative. Said she, “I knit, quilt and daydream.  Anything to do with textiles inspires me and makes me happy.”  And her lovely felted items will make YOU happy as well.  Here is but a sampling:

Purple Coneflower Sweater Tote

Purple Coneflower Sweater Tote

Green Algae Pincushion

Green Algae Pincushion

Fireman Bear Tooth Fairy Pillow

Fireman Bear Tooth Fairy Pillow


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  1. I highly recommend Amelie and Howl’s Moving Castle! If you enjoy the latter, check out Steamboy as well. I want to visit where she took her photos! Looks like a cabin in the woods 😀

    Comment by Sharon Paradiso — 07/13/2009 @ 6:23 am

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