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 Artist: Alicia Edwards

I believe in giving back. While I don’t currently have an on-going philanthropy I support, I am always looking for new ways to lend a hand with my art.  Last summer, I saw a call for artists to participate in a collaborative art doll project.  As art dolls are not my thing, I almost disregarded it.  But they were looking for charms, and I was in “charm mode!”  When I saw that Ties That Bind was to benefit cancer research, the deal was sealed. My contribution was a charm made from guitar picks and vintage costume jewelry.

When in Doubt, Sing Loud charm

When in Doubt, Sing Loud charm

Now completed, the doll is made entirely of handmade charms and embellished men’s dress neckties.  It will be raffled with proceeds going to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF).  I feel honored to have participated in this project, and it had a great impact on me.  I experienced a real connection with other artists, and the excitement really fed off itself.  Some participants were cancer survivors themselves, and to read their stories and experience their positive attitudes was a reminder for me to slow down and appreciate things.

Hip or Square Glass Pendant in Red, Yellow and Orange

Hip or Square Glass Pendant in Red, Yellow and Orange

I also facilitate an online art journaling project called BookMooch Journals that operates within the framework of, the book trading web site.  More than 500 journals have been released and sent to other journalers who continue to add their art and, in turn, pass them along. This has been a very wild ride, as I never know what treasures await me in the mailbox. Documenting this project fuels my passion to create.

Hip or Square Fused Glass Plate

Hip or Square Fused Glass Plate

 My job by day as a telecommunications consultant is very black and white with no gray areas, and  I must color inside the lines.  I think that this is part of the inspiration for my art to favor bright colors.  Alicia’s Colors features fused glass, altered art and mosaics.

Red and Black Mosaic Mirror

Red and Black Mosaic Mirror

With an online shop and online art journaling project, I’m excited to also be doing something locally in my hometown of Marietta, GA. The Strand Theatre, an integral part of the history of the city, has been re-opened.  I am thrilled to be able to support their Developing Education Program by donating a marble gazing ball to the silent auction.

Marble Gazing Ball

Marble Gazing Ball


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  1. Lois, thank you so much for the feature!


    Comment by Alicia — 08/08/2009 @ 6:33 pm

  2. I have never heard of bookmooch before – what an amazing place! and what a so cool idea – an online journaling book. creative minds at work – so inspiring!

    Comment by cathie — 08/11/2009 @ 7:20 am

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