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Artist: Kathryn Lollar
Chicago Bears Crochet Earflap Hat

Chicago Bears Crochet Earflap Hat

I am lucky enough to have two perfectly healthy children and am able to keep them warm and fed.  While I feel no guilt for being able to provide my children with the basic necessities of a comfortable life, I feel so terrible for the children in the world who don’t.  I just couldn’t imagine my kids having to go to bed hungry or cold.  While we don’t always have it in the budget to send money to every charity that can help a child somewhere, I do have the time, yarn and skills to help them stay warm.  And a handmade hat or blanket has so much more meaning than one bought from a store (that was probably made in the same country to which some of my items are being shipped, ironically).

Toddler Armwarmers/Baby Legwarmers

Toddler Armwarmers/Baby Legwarmers

Last year I held a promotion in my Vegkat on Etsy shop: You buy a hat; I donate a hat to Save the Children, an organization that donates hats to premature babies in Third World countries, along with safety and survival education kits for the mothers. So when a hat was purchased from my store, I would make one for a premie. I was able to send in 10 itty-bitty hats. If you go to my shop and look under my sent feedback, you can see the pictures of the hats I made attached to the feedback.

Eco Friendly Crochet Earflap Hat, Black and White

Eco Friendly Crochet Earflap Hat, Black and White

This summer, I started a new philanthropic promotion. For every item I sell, I will be making a square and sending it to Knit a Square …and make an AIDS orphan warm. The squares will be fitted together to make blankets for AIDS orphans. I will be sending in my package on November 1, 2009, and I’m hoping to send a heavy, monster box of squares! As with my last philanthropy project, I will be adding a picture of the square to the feedback.  So not only will you be receiving something super rad in the mail from me, but so will an orphan who lost his or her parents to AIDS.

Baby Girl Round Ripple Variegated Blanket

Baby Girl Round Ripple Variegated Blanket

Vegkat on Etsy features mostly hats, baby blankets and  iPod/cell phone cozies/socks.  I recently crocheted a cat toy for my kitties that looks like an eyeball, so those may make it to the shop someday soon.  There’s just something awesome about a cat chasing an eyeball through the house!

Rainbow iPod Cozy sock

Rainbow iPod Cozy sock


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  1. These are adorable, great feature!

    Comment by erica — 09/17/2009 @ 4:32 pm

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