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GO RED for Women!

February is National Heart Month. The Go Red for Women movement celebrates the energy, passion and power we have as women to band together to wipe out heart disease and stroke. Thanks to the participation of millions of people across the country, the color red and the red dress now stand for the ability all women have to improve their heart health and live stronger, longer lives. 

Hair Flower Red Silk

Luscious Red Silk Wedding Hair Flower by Mikiye

Ring Red Jade Sterling

Ruby Red Australian Jade Teardrop Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring by WellspringCreations

Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of American women and the cause of one in every three female deaths. African American and Hispanic women are even more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases due to higher rates of excessive weight, diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome.  They are also less likely than white women to know that they may have major risk factors. 

Earrings Lampwork and Sterling

Crimson Spiral Lampwork and Sterling Earrings by BellaTuJewelry

The perception that heart disease is a “man’s disease” must be changed. By teaching more and more women how to talk to their doctors about heart disease, thousands of lives can be saved each year because the good news is that heart disease is often preventable! 

Coffee Cozie Red Cabled

Cabled Coffee Cozie in Cranberry Red by kimwhitecreations

To learn more about heart disease in women and the choices you can make to live heart healthy, visit, and sign up for the movement.  You’ll receive a monthly newsletter to keep you motivated to make healthy choices and a red dress pin, the symbol of the heart disease in women movement to wear proudly as a supporter.

Flowered Rings

Set of 3 Flowered Rings by shopbonnin



  1. Thank You for featuring my Luscious Red Silk Wedding Hair Flower!
    Great article for heart health awareness!

    Comment by Mikiye Creations — 02/01/2010 @ 12:54 am

  2. Wow – beautiful listings – and great way to remind everyone about heart health 😀

    Comment by Ruthie — 02/01/2010 @ 9:19 am

  3. Cardiovascular disease is a preventable disease that needs more awareness. Thank you for bringing forth that awareness, and thank you for featuring my Flower Ring Set!!!

    Comment by Shari — 02/01/2010 @ 9:43 am

  4. Wow. We get to wear gorgeous red goodies AND remind ourselves to “Take Heart”? It just doesn’t get any better than that! (Beautiful choices, too.)

    Comment by Anitra Cameron — 02/01/2010 @ 12:11 pm

  5. Great post about a great cause! And GREAT finds as well!

    Comment by Memories for Life Scrapbooks — 02/01/2010 @ 1:04 pm

  6. I am so glad to learn about “Go Red for Women”; I didn’t know the statistics were so high for women. Thanks for including my ring…and for raising my awareness! ~~Judy

    Comment by Judy — 02/01/2010 @ 1:22 pm

  7. What a wonderful way to raise awareness about a very important health issue for women! Thank you so much for including my earrings among the fabulous fiery items you chose!

    Comment by Bella Tu Jewelry — 02/01/2010 @ 4:26 pm

  8. Beautiful way to celebrate women entrepreneurs & women’s health!!
    Just lovely!

    Comment by Nancy :D — 02/02/2010 @ 5:46 pm

  9. These are gorgeous! Celebrate Women’s Health and support Handmade!

    Comment by Sonja — 02/10/2010 @ 10:19 am

  10. […] presents GO RED for Women! posted at Foxy G’s Den of […]

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  11. yes, I’ve seen that more emphasis is towards men’s diseases than women. But as more women become doctors, and as you say, we gang together, that statistic will come down. Go Red Etsybloggers! {:-Deb

    Comment by storybeader — 02/15/2010 @ 10:11 am

  12. I love that you combined fun Etsy finds with information on heart disease! Heart health is so important–especially since women often overlook their own health/well being for the sake of their family of their job. Great post!

    Comment by Cathy Dean — 02/16/2010 @ 6:26 am

  13. Creative post, love the Go For Red theme!

    Comment by Mary — 02/16/2010 @ 7:42 pm

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