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Spring Scarf Preview

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Just in time for spring, tiny squares of ribbon add panache and flair to these transition-weight, hand knit scarves. Dress them up or down; wrap them around the crown of your hat.  Pair them with blazers, or wear them with tees and your favorite jeans.  You can tie ‘em, knot ‘em, loop ‘em or drape ‘em.  So light and airy, they are the perfect accessories to stash in your getaway bag. 

Knit Scarf

Hand Knit Ladder Ribbon Scarf - Mystic Sky

Knit scarf turquoise

Hand Knit Ladder Ribbon Scarf - Sea Breeze

knit scarf

Hand Knit Ladder Ribbon Scarf - Contessa

While spring is blooming in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s soon to be fall in the Southern Hemisphere.  Beginning April 1st, Foxy G. will be shipping to Australia and New Zealand. To usher in the cooler weather, here are several Foxy G. originals.

knit wrap scarf brown

Hand Knit Ladies Fashion Self-Fringing Sassy Wrap Scarf - Espresso Macchiato

knit wrap scarf black white

Hand Knit Ladies Fashion Self-Fringing Shawl Wrap - Opening Night

And while, like my children, I love them all, I can’t help but feel a little bit partial to this stunning, three-season, monochromatic scarf that is made up of nine different textures.  Anyone have an idea of what I should name it?

knit scarf ivory winter white cream

All scarves shown above will be listed within the next week. If you want information about any of them sooner, please leave me a comment below or convo me through Foxy G. Knits on etsy.



Monday Morning Musings (on Tuesday)

[Editor’s note: Foxy G. was in school all last week and out of the Den.  She’s back – a day late and a dollar short – but none-the-less back!]

Aquamarine – a symbol of beauty, honesty and loyalty

According to, the aquamarine derived its name from the Latin words meaning sea and water. The aquamarine, along with bloodstone, is the birthstone for Pisces the Fish: Feb. 19 – March 20. The aquamarine is a symbol of beauty, honesty and loyalty.

And you will definitely be beautiful in any of these aquamarine items from the EtsyTwitter and EtsyBloggers teams:

fingerless gloves aquamarine

Fingerless Gloves in Aquamarine Blue Arm Warmers by beautiful bridget

scarf wrap aquamarine

Hand Knit Ladies Self-fringing Sassy Wrap Scarf - Aquamarine by foxygknits

necklace aquamarine

Ice - Aquamarine Light Blue Necklace by SilverSmack

pendant and earrings dichroic fused glass aquamarine

One-of-a-kind Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant and Earrings by mysassyglass

earrings aquamarine

Simply Stunning Gemstone Earrings by SweetwaterGifts


When Bacchus Cried Tears of Wine

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Amethyst Sterling Earrings

Purple Passion Amethyst and Sterling Earrings by mysticwynd

The story of the amethyst, according  to, comes from Greek legends: The god of wine, Bacchus, was insulted one day by a mere mortal. He swore the next mortal that crossed his path, would be attacked by his fierce tigers. Along came a beautiful maiden named Amethyst. Goddess Diana turned Amethyst in a beautiful statue of quartz to save her from the tigers claws. Remorseful Bacchus wept tears of wine over the stone maiden, creating a lively purple stone.

Coffee Cup Cozy Purple

Cable Knit Coffee Cup Cozy in Purple by kimwhitecreations

Purple has long been the color of royalty and nobility. It is a deep, passionate color that evokes emotions. People who desire purple colors are individuals who like to make a personal statement, and express their unique taste. 

Amethyst  scarf hand knit

Royal Amethyst Sassy Wrap Scarf by foxygknits

And you will definitely make your own personal fashion statement in this fabulous, one-of-a-kind teardrop amethyst necklace.

Amethyst Sterling Necklace

Natural Teardrop Amethyst in Woven Sterling by WellspringCreations


Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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Every Wednesday and Friday between now and the holidays, Foxy G’s Den of i-KNIT-quity will be featuring gifts that are great deals – based on creativity, function, labor and cost.  Today’s great deal are holiday coffee cozies from kimwhitecreations:

Holiday Crocheted Coffee Cozie in Candy Apple Red

Holiday Crocheted Coffee Cozie in Candy Apple Red with Gold Metallic Trim

These handmade items make beautiful, yet inexpensive, gifts at $10 each.  They are very versatile in that they can be given to men, women, teens, teachers, hairdressers, coaches, co-workers, etc.  Kim suggests that you can gift the cozies wrapped around take-out coffee cups with gift cards tucked inside the cups!  They are also great to have on hand for guests that drop by during the holidays.

Cable Knit Coffee Cozie in Holiday Red

Cable Knit Coffie Cozie in Holiday Red and Silver

These two cozies are  just a sample of the more than 25 from which you can choose in the Coffee Cup/Cola Cozies Section at kimwhitecreations and the best thing since sliced bread!


Monday Morning Musings

Hand Knit Red Ruffles Scarf

Hand Knit Red Ruffles Scarf

Back to School brings on the heightened anticipation of football weekends, tailgating and cheering on your favorite professional sports team, college or high school team.  Here in Georgia, there’s a whole lifestyle around attending the University of Georgia (UGA) Bulldogs and the Atlanta Falcons home games, including dressing in the team colors of red and black for the games.  Of course, if you are in Kentucky, it’s all about the Louisville Cardinals.  If you live in North Carolina and aren’t decked out in Duke Blue Devil Blue or Carolina blue, you might just be wearing the red and black of the North Carolina Wolfpack.  Texas Tech Red Raiders also wear the red and black, as do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.   As a tribute to whomever you are cheering on, here’s a preview of Foxy G.’s brand new Game Day Collection in red and black. 

You’ll be ultra game chic in this rich and luxuriously soft red and black stripe scarf. With its ample length, you can tie it, wrap it, wear it long or toss one end over your shoulder.

Hand Knit Red and Black Striped Scarf

Hand Knit Red and Black Striped Scarf

Add some pizzazz to your game day accessory wardrobe with this eye-catching, one-of-a-kind, extra long, red and black sassy wrap.

Red and Black Sassy Wrap

Red and Black Sassy Wrap

On a chilly day, there will be no need to sacrifice style for comfort when you wrap yourself in this ruby red, reversible scarf. The open design keeps the scarf lightweight while keeping you warm. And tiny flecks of jewel-tone ribbon run through deliciously soft, gem-inspired yarn.

Hand Knit Ruby Red Reversible Scarf

Hand Knit Ruby Red Reversible Scarf

Flirty, fun and fashionable, Red Hot and Ruffled can be twirled, twisted, flipped, looped or tied.

Red Hot and Ruffled

Red Hot and Ruffled

Add a “twist” to your game day wardrobe with this eye-catching, one-of-a-kind, red and black shawl wrap. Dress it up, dress it down. Tie this versatile shawl in front or off to the side. Go glam and toss one end over your shoulder. Accessorize with a chic chopstick or fabulous pin!

Red and Black Licorice Twist Goddess Shawl Wrap

Red and Black Licorice Twist Goddess Shawl Wrap

You are saucy and sassy, sultry and sexy, stylish, smart and oh, so sophisticated. Just showing up in this elegantly simple, femininely tailored scarf makes words unnecessary. You will mesmerize anyone within eye shot at the game or the after-parties.

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

To view the entire Collection:

ETT_BacktoSchoolWEBFrom August 25th to September 7th, the Etsy Twitter Team is going Back to School, and you’re invited to come along! There will be unique, handcrafted items, great deals and discounts galore for students of every age, as well their families. The team, which uses Twitter to expand its reach to a global audience, also thinks that buying handmade can be an important part of a larger lesson during Back to School time.

Lady Bug Earrings by lindab142

Lady Bug Earrings by lindab142

“We really want to show consumers that there are high quality, creative handcrafted products available that aren’t expensive or time-consuming to find.  Events like this help to educate people about buying responsibly and choosing items that support the small business entrepreneurs and artisans in their own communities,” says Vickie Porter, the team’s leader and the artist/owner behind the recycled domino jewelry of InMyHeadStudios  For more information on which shops are participating in the Back to School event, please visit the EtsyTwitter Team blog.  Between now and September 7th, Foxy G. Knits will be offering 10% off all Game Day Section items.  See shop announcement for details.

Fire Necklace by Verre Design

Fire Necklace by Verre Design


Art from the ♥ Goes Green

To Market, to market, to buy a fat pig,

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

To market, to market, to buy a fat hog,

Home again, home again, jiggety jog.

To market, to market, to buy a plum bun,

Home again, home again, market is done.

[ Editor’s Note: My sincere apologies to all the bovines of the world.]

GG_ETTartSMEtsyTwitter team members will be featuring organic, herbal, recycled, repurposed and eco-friendly items in their individual shops during the Going Green Event that is taking place between July 21st  – 27th.  Here are a few spectacular handmade market bags as a sampling of those items.

This organic cotton bag was hand crocheted by Jaybird Designs.  It will certainly carry all your items in style! You will be amazed at how much this bag stretches and how much you can carry! The great mesh design allows you to carry both dry and wet goods and is perfect for the store or the beach!

Organic Cotton Market Bag

Organic Cotton Market Bag

The Hannah Handbag by meagandesigns is made of 100% blue and tan cotton yarn. It can be used as an everyday handbag or a market bag and makes a great gift for yourself or someone special!

Hannah Handbag

Hannah Handbag

PeanutandTommy hand knit this string market bag from sturdy pink and white striped cotton yarn. It is great for shopping, toys or beach towels.

Eco-Friendly Hand Knit String Market Bag

Eco-Friendly Hand Knit String Market Bag

Jusshar used a sunflowers and morning glories upholstery fabric to make this one-of-a-kind market bag.

RECYCLE Market Bag

RECYCLE Market Bag

Hand painted canvas tote by HandmadebySandi

GO GREEN Hand Painted Canvas Tote Bag

GO GREEN Hand Painted Canvas Tote Bag

To access the EtsyTwitter Going Green Event items, go to the front page of  Click on handmade, type GGETT in the box next to it and click “enter.”  You can check out the EtsyTwitter Team blog, follow the EtsyTwitter Team on twitter and join the EtsyTwitter Team fanpage on facebook.

Handmade News recently published a fabulous article about the EtsyTwitter Team Go Green Event; check it out on the Handmade News website.


Monday Morning Musings

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I Brake for Sock Monkeys

From Wikipedia: The iconic sock monkeys made from Red-Heel socks emerged at the earliest in 1932, the year the Nelson Knitting Company of  Rockford, Illinois added the trademarked red heel to its product… Nelson Knitting added the red heel “de-tec-tip” to assure its customers they were buying “original Rockfords.” This red heel gave the monkeys their distinctive mouth.

In 1955, Nelson Knitting was awarded the design patent on sock monkeys and began including the pattern with every pair of socks. The sock monkey doll was then used in promotional campaigns celebrating the widespread application of their product by inventive homemakers in the field of monkey manufacturing.

Etsians have come up with some very clever and unique sock monkey items, beginning with this vintage red heel sock monkey that was made by hoffeeandanuffin.   However, #213 is not your mama’s sock monkey.  She is a total  diva doll with eyelashes to die for.

Vintage Red Heel Sock Monkey

Vintage Red Heel Sock Monkey

mmmarmalade designed and knit up this fabulous sock monkey skirty, just perfect for your little princess.

Sock Monkey Soaker

Sock Monkey Skirty

This sock monkey hat with ear flaps, braids and a red pom pom was hand crocheted by grandmascats.  [looks vaguely like someone I dated back in the 70s]

Custom Crochet Sock Monkey Hat with Braids and Pom Pom
Custom Crochet Sock Monkey Hat with Braids and Pom Pom

Should you like your sock monkeys dangly, here is a friendly pair about 1” high and wide on hypoallergenic hooks from picnicbybarbfeldman.

Sock Monkey Earrings

Sock Monkey Earrings

Fred the Monkey Purse

Fred the Monkey Purse

Meet Fred.  He is a crocheted sock monkey purse, just right for a phone, keys and maybe some cash – perfect for a quick trip to the store.  Fred is a member in good standing of the MonkeyTravelClub.

George the sock monkey cup cozy made it all the way to the front page of etsy recently.  According to sphinxy who feeds and clothes him in Honduras, “George is a lovely sock monkey that will make your daily coffee or, if you are like me, all of them, more happy!”

George the Coffee Cup Cozy

George the Coffee Cup Cozy

Are you be looking for a gift that will have everyone talking?   babycakesanddecor will be happy to whip up this sock monkey diaper cake.

Deluxe Cake
Sock Monkey Deluxe Cake

linkrayphoto pays homage to Henri Rousseau with The Sock Monkey Dream  –  a gallery-quality, framed and matted print.

The Sock Monkey Dream

The Sock Monkey Dream

And finally, terbearco is offering directions to make your own sock monkey as a pay it forward (PIF).  They only ask that you pay the listing fee and list a PIF item in your shop or do something nice for someone else. 


Sock Monkey Instructionsv - PIF

This blog post is dedicated to my friend and colleague, Sharon.  You know her as seedlingsjewelry on etsy and seedlingstweets on twitter.  Sharon covets sock monkeys and, according to a recent twitter, goes to sleep each evening with them flying around in her head [paging sock monkey air traffic control].


Coffee, Beer and Yarn…

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 “Coffee, beer, yarn.  That’s all I need.”  So reads LazyTCrochet’s bio on twitter.   LazyT, or Tricia, and I definitely have two things in common – coffee and yarn – make that three – the Midwest!  

Lazy T’s features knit and crochet fashions and accessories  that include wearable shawls, shrugs, sweaters and one-of-a-kind hat, headband and scarf designs.  I am crazy about her crocheted hats.  This lightweight, yellow sunshine flowered beanie is so bright and cheery:

Yellow Sunshine Flowered Beanie

Yellow Sunshine Flowered Beanie

And this simple cloche-style hat with fuzzy boucle yarns in bright green includes a black satin bow repurposed from a costume:

Green Apple Cloche

Green Apple Cloche

Lazy T designed this oversized, slouch-style hat after watching the Winter X Games this year. Winter sports are the perfect setting for big, chunky, fun and functional hats. It is made out of100% chunky wool:


My absolute favorite item is this moustache coffee cup sleeve.  It has a real personality!

His Moustache Coffee Cup Sleeve

His Moustache Coffee Cup Sleeve

You can visit Tricia’s shop at or her blog at or follow her on twitter at


Monday Morning Musings…


As part of her job as a safety professional in Chandler, AZ, Carli oganizes the blood drives at her workplace and feels that it is very important for those who are able to donate blood – to do so.  Carli explains, “I originally thought it would be nice to knit a dishcloth for the American Red Cross Recruiter who helps with all of our drives.  When I could not find one, I decided to design it.”  Carli is graciously making her blood drop dishcloth pattern available free of charge on her CarlisCreations blog:

Blood Drop Dishcloth

Blood Drop Dishcloth


It seems that my high-color muses are on spring break, which has allowed my more reserved, shy black and brown muse to rear its little head.  Here is the latest colorway for my next Goddess Shawl Wrap:

Brown Black Palette for Goddess Shawl Wrap
Brown Black Palette for Goddess Shawl Wrap

My favorite part of the design/knitting process is combining colors and textures.  When they work together, it is like a beautiful melody.  (If I could carry a tune, I’d sing.  I can’t, so I knit instead!)

What part of your creative process do you enjoy the most?  (No fair answering “when it’s finished!”)  Post a comment, and you might be featured in a future article.


Best Thing Since Sliced Bread…

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The Knit Kit got my attention on twitter.   A store would announce its arrival, and it would immediately be out of stock.  What could be garnering that kind of excitement?  Well, now I know.  The Knit Kit is kind of the “Swiss Army Knife for Knitters.”  It is a tape measure, stitch counter, thread cutter, collapsible scissors, crochet hook, stitch holders and tip protectors – all in one compact device – and all TSA (airline) approved.  It is small at 4 3/4″ x 3 1/3″ x 5/8″ and weighs only 4 oz.

The Knit Kit was developed by Barbara Barry, a two-year knitter and entrepreneur who was tired of searching for all her knitting accessories at the bottom of her knitting bag.   She did internet searches to see if a “grab and go” gadget existed, and when it didn’t, she created it!

The Knit Kit sells for approximately $19.95 and can be purchased through your local or online yarn shop.  
The Knit Kit Specifications

The Knit Kit Specifications

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